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who am i?

I am a graphic designer and creative thinker.

I started my design calling in a Greater Western Sydney High School studying visual design, photography, and visual arts. Straight out of high school I completed my diploma in visual merchandising. Realising that I rather design the posters than the mannequins, I continued my studies at Billy Blue College of Design. With my bachelor’s in Communication Design,

I undertook a few intern roles and was successful in a permanent role with a beach lifestyle brand, Sunnylife.

I have 5 years’ experience; 4 years with Sunnylife. My time with Sunnylife taught me to be a multidisciplinary designer, where I was able to excel in areas of design that I am passionate about. I thoroughly enjoy and love product design, I can’t get enough of turning sketches into tangible designs, and the thrill of seeing my products on a store floor; it is priceless.

I am highly skilled in packaging design, product design, and trend research. In my personal time, I enjoy illustrating with inks and I am obsessed with all things 70s. I am hardworking, energetic, have strong attention to detail, and have good communication skills. On a personal level, I love baking and eating sweet treats, and on special occasions, I share my creations with my co-workers.

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let’s chat

Have a little something, something you want me to design?
I am happy to help with anything; wedding invites, catalogues, presentations, email send-outs, product design, what to name your pet. I’m here for all your creative needs, don’t be shy - I’m friendly.

Give me a call, send me an email or check out my socials.
I am always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or being apart of your vision, you name it.

Mobile: +61 425219549


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