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Adults can be tricky in its own way, mainly trying to

work out new trends for the next year.

No matter how well you forecast the next trend and

produce an amazing product; photoshoots do not

always go to plan. Sometimes it results in adjusting

the colour, with a little bit of love, to create the perfect lifestyle to market the brand, sometimes it results in adjusting the colour, with a little of love, to create the perfect lifestyle to market the brand.

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Inflatables, Inflatable, Inflatables,

There is no denying that the inflatable trend took is all

over the world. It was all about who could create the

best Insta-worthy floats. Being in the center of this

creative explosion provided me the opportunity to

demonstrate my skills in creative thinking, trend

research, and working within strict timelines. The

best and exciting part about creating inflatables, is

trying to predict the next flamingo.

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Sometimes customers need help when displaying their products and I am happy to help. My visual merchandising background has made it a pleasure to guide people on their way, to make their products stand out from the rest. I have created countless planograms and window display concepts for large department stores around the world.

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I cannot get enough of turning my drawings into

actual products, I have designed over 100 products

during my design career and do not want to stop

now. The father’s day range for Sunnylife is the

perfect example of the process I enjoy so much. First

researching and creating patterns to finally designing

the product. This process reinforced my

communication skills, interacting with many

departments of the business to create the most

commercial result.

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Packaging is just as important as the product itself. Packaging can be its own type of puzzle, working out where to put product warnings, product photos and all the other important information needed, not forgetting to make all these things look appealing together to sell the product. As always, we need to market the products to customers and other businesses. Over the years I have designed many EDMS and am always developing my skills in digital communication.

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