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Self-employed work I have done

during my design career

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Elizabeth and Louisa is a natural cosmetic brand whom

wanted to create stunning biodegradable packaging.

The concept was to have seeds in the packaging.

meaning when the customer is done with their make-up,

they can plant the packaging and flowers will grow.

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The thriving heart of physical theatre in Australia. Legs are known nationally and internationally for their boss exuberance, and their stories are told with depth, humour, and intelligence. The brief was to create collateral for them to send to their investors while keeping costs down. I created a concept for them to print and construct their own send out

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Nookcase is a boutique multidisciplinary design located in Surry Hills, Sydney. Run by four young designers ready to break into the industry with a bang.

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Auspices is a company that helps people who would not have help otherwise. They have many programs aimed towards young and old people with the reason for the program is to get the youth out of nursing homes and into a more suitable environment. Their new program is called ‘Our Place, My Home’. This service is for teenagers who need 24/7 help.

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