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At the start of every season, we need to research up and coming trends. Children's trends have their own difficulties. We all know unicorns have been part of the kid’s world for what seems like forever, but what is the next big thing? Through research, I found that all things sweet are becoming more and more popular. Embrace the power of best friends with hearts, llamas, and a little pink pureness.

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Creating products and patterns for children is a dream. Nothing is better than making the world more adorable and fun during times of uncertainty. I have designed products that create smiles. This includes pool floats and toys to help children build their confidence in and out of the water.

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On the opposite side, the trend is leaning towards anything dangerous. I found throughout the seasons, that crocodiles and sharks are very popular. FYI a little secret - so are dinosaurs.

I played mostly with blues and greens, for children who love living life on the adventurous side.

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Creating floats to light up a kid’s summer is pure joy. There is no denying that a big chunk of my product experience has been inflatables. When designing pool floats you have to be mindful of regulations around the world, especially when children are involved.

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Even though the products are amazing and ready to sell, they do not always photograph well. Photoshop has become second nature to me when needing to spruce up lifestyle photoshoots. Who does not enjoy a before and after?

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Products have to go into something, the packaging is an essential part of designing a product. The most important thing to do is to design something that will stand out on the shelf. Products are not always sold on shelves but sometimes sold online via EDMS. 

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