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This hand painted pot with gold trim and peach to purple gradient. Gold and glow in the dark splatter effect across the whole pot with glow in the dark illustrations with black outline around the side. Four Illustrations in total - Hand with Eye, Moon with Crystals, Moon and Sun Timer, Planet. Great way to add mystic 90s vibes to your home.

The glow in the dark does glow but the brightness is dependent on sun exposure. Dark images are taken using a UV light.
Pot is designed in a way that the glow in the dark is a bonus, but the artwork looks great as it is in daylight.

Only one available.

Classic terracotta pot with a magical twist. Pot originally made in Italy.
Look great clustered with other pots or on its own. Volume is 3L and has drainage hole.

Simple and practical, traditional terracotta pots are an essential gardening basic. Suitable for growing just about anything, their classic shape and style will suit any garden, outdoor entertaining area or inside.

Please message me with any questions.
As this is a very unique item I will not be excepting refunds if I have already sent to pot in the mail.

Hand Painted Terracotta Pot

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